Side Apps Bar - Edge Sidebar 6.0.1 APK

Version: 6.0.1
File size: 10.15MB
Requires: Android 4.1+
Updated: June 19, 2017

☆☆☆ Side Apps Bar (Edge Sidebar) ☆☆☆
Side Apps Bar allows you to run 
any application at any time.

Main Features
->creates two windows (left window and right window) with shortcuts
->very customizable (tons of settings)!
->swift, functional, convenient, efficient
->provides real multitasking

Side Apps Bar (Edge Sidebar) allows you to easily switch between
your favourites apps. Just click an app icon to make fast switch
between current running task and another running task. This tool
provides you comfortable and swift multitasking.

You can add to the bar as many shortcuts of your installed apps
as you want. Moreover in tools category you will find
shortcuts to phone settings such as Wifi, Gps, Bluetooth, Device Info etc.
which you can also add to the bar. With the side window all your stuff will be close.

You can easily manage and control the things that you've added.
Sidebar is also fully customizable, so you can set
almost everything in it. You can reorder/rearrange 
added apps or simply remove them from bar.
You can change their icons and signatures. 
You can change size, color, transparency of them.
You can set default wallpaper as a background.
You can make from one to four columns of apps.
You can change bar height, gravity, transparency and much more...

If one sidebar window with apps isn't enough for you, you can turn on
second sidebar window. With two bars windows you will fully use the
power of this app. Switching between opened tasks will be very simple. 
Through sidebar windows you will see what is real multitasking. With sidebar
on the edge of your phone you don't have to use system default switching 
between recent running tasks any longer. With this task manager and 
two windows with apps that stay always on top you will fully use the 
potential of your screen.

If you've been looking for a way to organize your apps better,
you're going to find Side Apps Bar (Edge Sidebar) super useful. 
It boost the way you use your phone and provides swift access 
to most used things.

Sidebar window will surely make your life easier.
It is a new way to use the power of your phone.
If you've been looking for a convenient, modern 
and swift tasks switcher, this tool is definitely for you.

It's a simple app, but a really useful one
if you'd like to clean up your homescreen. 
It's swift, clean, customizable.

Boost your phone, use multitasking!
Slide Side Apps Bar (Edge Sidebar) and use its possibilities!