Whistle Cam - Automatic Camera 4.0.6 APK

Version: 4.0.6
File size: 7.42MB
Requires: Android 5.0+
Updated: March 08, 2018

☆ What is Whistle Cam?

Whistle Cam is an automatic handsfree multishot camera application that can take pictures automatically using sound detection. Just whistle and pose. Perfect for those selfies.

☆ What functions / features does Whistle Cam have?

1. Automatic handsfree multishot camera.
2. Remote control using sound detection.
3. Remote control using your watch
4. View the photo using your watch
5. Autofocus and manual focus mode.
6. Silent Mode to take pictures without the camera making any sound.
7. Flash Adjustment: a) Automatic. b) Enabled. c) Disabled.

☆ What you can do with Whistle Cam?

Whistle Cam allows you to take lots of pictures of yourself from a distance without having to go back to the phone, by simply whistling, the camera automatically detects the sound and takes the shot. Perfect for those self portraits or couple pictures. You can also take a picture using your watch. The wear app will launch when you start the app on your phone. You can take a picture and view it from your watch remotely.

It is also very useful for taking group pictures, as no one is excluded from the photographs, just by placing the camera at the desired distance and whistling, you have all the photos you want with friends and family.