Enemy Waters : Submarine and Warship battles 1.054 MOD APK

Version: 1.054
File size: 73.98MB
Requires: Android 4.0+
Updated: October 03, 2017

Fire a torpedo, drop a depth charge, and roar the deck gun

Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. Command and Maneuver your fleet as you face off against waves of enemy warships. Conquer Seaports and Oil wells by defeating the enemy warships guarding those resource rich areas. Expand your influence and procure better ships to stand up to the ever increasing machinations of Little John

Ambush and destroy unsuspecting enemy convoys by laying the perfect trap. Expect no less from the enemy as your escort your own warships to safety

Ping to identify underwater targets and drop depth charges on them, before they unleash a torpedo salvo on your ships

Engage silent running on your sub and sneak past an enemy warship or get to it port or starboard side and unleash a torpedo right into its hull

Simulation grade controls will let you control the ballast tanks volume for subs and control the depth using dive planes

Simulation grade controls will also let you dive into deeper waters as you escape the curtain of depth charges from enemy warships

Deploy and Destroy warships and submarines from World war 2, Cold war era, and current times


Tench Class Submarine : Built for the United States Navy. Also used by Brazilian, Turkish, and Pakistani navy. They saw combat in World war 2 and Bangladesh Liberation war

Oberon: This submarine was Built by Vickers Armstrongs for British Royal Navy. Popular as museum submarine around the world

Daphné : Diesel electric submarine built in France for the French Navy. Primarily used for patrolling. Has rear torpedo launch capabilities

Foxtrot : Foxtrot was the NATO reporting name for the diesel electric patrol submarine built by the Soviet Union. Saw action during the 1971 indo-pak war(Bangladesh liberation 1972 war) by the Indian Navy. Known to be exceptionally good at silent running.

Kilo : Built by Soviet Navy. Kilo was the NATO reporting name. It is still operated by Russian Navy and Indian Navy. Saw action during the cold war period

Akula : First deployed by the USSR Navy and later russian navy, Akula is nuclear powered. Primary operators are Russia and India(on lease)

LosAngeles : Classified as Nuclear powered fast attack submarine by the United States Navy

Arihant : With nuclear-powered ballistic missile capabilities, Arihant is developed under Advanced Technology Vessel project for the Indian Naval forces. Comes with top mounted missiles

Yasen : Built to replace russia’s ageing soviet era fleet with a multipurpose functionality. Can launch missiles

Virginia : The most advanced submarine ever built, at an unit cost of 2.6 billion USD, they are expected to be in battle ready state till 2070


Flower Class : Used as a warship during World War II, specifically with the Allied navies as anti-submarine convoy escorts during the Battle of the Atlantic

Evarts : Battleship of US Navy. Used as destroyer and convoy escort roles during World war 2

Whitby : Were a class of anti-sub frigates of the British Royal Navy, which entered service after the second World war

Commandant Rivière : Battle ship built for the French Navy. Designed to perform the role of overseas patrol in peacetime and anti-submarine escort in wartime

Petya : Petya was the NATO name for this warship. Designed for anti-submarine warfare in shallow waters. Operated by USSR(soviet navy, and later russian navy), Indian navy , and Vietnamese navy during the cold war

Leander : Battleship of the Royal British Navy for anti aircraft roles. Also operated by Indonesian navy and Pakistani navy

Espora : Warship of the Argentine Navy built in Argentina based on a German design

Braunschweig : Built by Germany. Under NATO command, this battle ready warship is built to perform littoral operations 

Kamorta : Built for Indian Navy. Anti-submarine warship with stealth capabilities. Possesses anti aircraft missiles, array sonars and lateral torpedo launch capabilities