Dont touch my phone 2017 1 APK

Version: 1
File size: 1.50MB
Requires: Android 2.3+
Updated: November 15, 2016

With don't touch my phone 2017 (anti theft app) you will not be anymore afraid to let your phone on a table.
this Alarm keeps your phone save from curious people and burglars. Once you activate the alarm, no one could touch it, because the alarm will be triggered if any one try to take the phone.
★ Use this app, if you're afraid that someone:
• Reads your private information on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 
• Reads your private messages.
• Looks into your photo galleries.
• Uses your stuff. Just leave the smartphone on your stuff eg. laptop cover, if someone touches it, the alarm will warn you.

★ Easy 2-step setup:
• Step 1: Activate the alarm. 
• Step 2: Put the device on a fixed place.

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